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The walls of homes are constructed primarily of wood using 2X4 or 2X6's. 
Some homes in Las Vegas that are constructed using metal studs and metal roof trusses, but wood framing is the primary practice. 
The exterior and structural plywood shear walls have anchor bolts that hold them securely to the concrete slab. 
Some walls will have hold downs that provide extra holding power to keep the home from swaying. 
Wall construction consists of a bottom plate, top plates, and studs. 
Walls have a treated bottom plate, although prior to around 1994, homes had redwood for the bottom plates.
Two plates make up the top of the wall with studs making up the center of the wall, normally 16 inches on center. Walls with doors or windows have headers or lintels that carry the weight over the opening.
Trimmers support the headers and sills support the windows with cripples that support the sills. Window headers support the structure above the window, the trimmers support the header, the sill supports the window and the cripples support the sill. The floor system and all of the weight above the window is supported by the window header which is supported by the trimmers. Typical framing of a garage door opening Anchor bolts embedded in the concrete with washers hold down the walls.
The hold down in the corner provides extra holding power for the structural plywood wall. Some portions of the walls are constructed with steel sections for added strength “Shear walls” have extra plywood and hardware to provide additional strength to the structure. Extra structural support comes from a metal end post cap saddle which helps hold the beam down.
The bottom of the post has another hold down to anchor the post to the concrete. The writing indicates to the framing crew; window size 95” wide by 59“ high, glue-lam beam for header 3 1/8 wide by 10 1/2 high and the top of the window will be at 90 inches. Typical wall and roof framing. Pre-fab walls are shipped to the jobsite already made. Pre-fab walls ready to be stood. Stairs arches and platforms are delivered to the jobsite with the walls. The stairs are installed during the framing. Most stairs, arches, platforms and smaller components are also pre-fabricated. image editing javascript ajax by v5.4