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Most of the homes in the Las Vegas area have stucco exterior walls.
There are several different ways to stucco the exterior walls.
The most common is to first apply a weather barrier (most common is black paper) over the exterior framing of the home.
Next Styrofoam panels are installed over the weather barrier and covered with chicken wire. Here you can see the weather barrier (black paper), foam panel and the chicken wire. The joints of the foam panels have reinforcing mesh tape applied to help prevent cracking at the joints. Any penetrations through the surface are sealed to help prevent moisture, air and insect penetration. Stucco cracks at the corners of windows are the most common cracks.
These areas are sometimes reinforced with mesh tape to help prevent these cracks. Horizontal stucco surfaces such as the ceilings of porches are covered with metal mesh for added strength. Scaffolding is installed to allow safe access during the installation of the weather barrier and is left up until the application of the stucco is complete. This home is ready for the installation of the stucco. Some contractors prefer to spray the stucco mixture on the home instead of trawling it on by hand. This home has the scratch coat installed which is typically about a 1/4 inch thick.
While still wet, this coat is scratched using a trowel or some type of serrated blade.
The creation of scratches in the surface helps the finish coat of stucco to adhere to the scratch coat properly The scratch coat is allowed to harden.
The walls are usually misted with water, periodically during this time, in order to keep the stucco face moist until the next layer is added. Scratch coat installed prior to adding the scratches to the surface Once this curing period is over, the finishing coat of stucco is then applied over the scratch coat.
This is what the scratch coat looks like when finished.
The finishing coat is at least 1/8th of an inch thick and can be up to 1/4 of an inch, but no more, or there is a risk of cracking.
After fully curing, the walls are then painted the desired color. image editing javascript ajax by v5.4