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Pre manufactured roof trusses are the most common type of roof framing.
They can be installed much faster than a conventionally framed roof (2X8, 2X10 etc. dimensional lumber, or engineered materials).
The roof truss designs are based on the calculations provided by a structural engineer and then manufactured at an off-site truss yard/plant, and shipped to the job site for instillation.
Roof trusses are built using a jig (pattern), so they are practically identical to each other.
Roof decking or roof sheathing, typically 1/2 inch OSB plywood, is constructed over the trusses. Typical roof truss instillation with bracing. The open design of roof trusses provide needed space in the attic to install other components of the home. Roof trusses need bracing installed to keep them plumb and straight. The access platform where the HVAC equipment is installed in the attic. This shiny foil backing is referred to as a radiant barrier.
This foil backing helps reflect the heat from the exterior back to the exterior, keeping the attic cooler and generally lowering the cooling costs of the home. The exposed fascia overhang. Some homes have the overhangs covered in stucco or the overhangs are made of foam with a stucco coating. Roof trusses come shipped to the job site. This is normally called the truss package. Instillation of the roof flashing (the shiny metal), which prevents water from leaking into the home. Flashing is also installed around vents and flues that penetrate the roof surface. Typical roof flashing at wall intersection.
The last row of the tile is tucked under the metal counter flashing, so that the rain water flows onto the top of the tile and off of the roof. This picture is of the typical roof flashing around a corner on the roof. 2X2 wood slats or batts are installed over the roofing paper, which help to anchor the roof tiles to the roof and prevent tile movement. The roofing material is stocked on the roof. A stocked roof can remain for several days or even weeks to let the roof settle into place. Another roof fully stocked with the roofing tiles. A typical tile roof when home is completed. image editing javascript ajax by v5.4