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Register at end of supply line. Insulated duct work strapped into place in attic. Insulated low pressure suction line and exposed high pressure return line. Box plenum is connected to air handler and providing even distribution of air to supply ducts or remote mixing boxes. Return air is located in central areas of the house and is often close to the air handler. HVAC duct work is cumbersome network and should be supported by rafters to avoid air restriction. Supply duct near laundry vent. Supply ducts and return air are often not in a direct path to allow space at service area. Evaporator must have both a Primary and Secondary drain to allow for redundancy if a drain is clogged. Attic access must be large enough for HVAC system to be repaired and replaced if necessary. Gas supply pipes to furnace heat exchanger. Suction and return line are insulated and protected with metal flashing at house penetration. Furnace is vented directly out roof above unit. More pictures of supply duct work from air handler to registers. HVAC connection between inside evaporator and outside condenser for two units in a split system. Register after ceiling drywall is installed. image editing javascript ajax by v5.4