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What does a Home Inspection cost?

The cost of a home inspection varies based upon size, age, special services requested. Typically, the cost is $200 - $500, although the fees can go higher. However, cost should not be a factor in deciding whether or not you get your home inspected or in determining which home inspector you choose. Rather, you should consider the home inspection as an investment that will pay for itself many times over. No home is perfect! I typically find enough items in a home, that if you ask the seller to make adjustments or pay for the repairs it will more than cover the cost of the inspection. The difference between inspectors should be: Experience, communication skills, completing the report quickly, schedule availability, plus availability after the inspection for any questions or concerns that you may have. I encourage you to get a couple of quotes, ask plenty of questions, and then contact me. I am sure you will find my pricing to be competitive and reasonable.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a nondestructive, visual examination of the structure and systems of a home. When problems or symptoms of problems are found, the inspector may recommend further evaluation or suggest remedies. Our emphasis is on identifying existing problems or potential problems that would affect the purchaser's buying decision. It is an independent opinion on the condition of the property at the time and date of the inspection only. Inspectors are generalists and may recommend further evaluation from a licensed contractor specialized in the field where issues were observed.

I am selling my home, why should I get a Home Inspection?

Having a home inspection prior to placing your home on the marked gives you a better understanding of conditions which may be discovered by the buyer's inspector and provides you the opportunity to make repairs that will put the house in a better selling condition. This can be a real competitive advantage in today's market.

What areas are included in a Home Inspection?

Structure - Heating and Air Conditioning - Electrical Systems - Plumbing Systems - Foundation - Basement/Crawlspace - Roofing and Flashing - Attic and Ventilation - Exterior Finishes and Windows - Garage, Carport, Driveways and Sidewalks - Patios, Decks and Balconies - Structural inspection of Floors, Walls, Doors, Ceilings and Water Penetration - Fireplaces - Kitchens and Bathrooms - Built-in Appliances

What are the types of Home Inspections?

Pre Purchase Inspection: Know exactly what you are buying and what needs to be renegotiated. Pre Listing Inspection: Documents what areas might need disclosure and avoid negotiations in escrow. Pre and Post Lease Inspections: Inspection with photo documentation, by a third party, documenting the condition of the property to avoid disputes over security deposits. Typical cost $ 75.00 dollars. Warranty Inspections: Inspections prior to a home builders warranty expiring. Asset Inspections: Asset, Facility, REO and Investment Management Company's use initial inspections to document condition, then perform monthly or bi-monthly Property Preservation Inspections for graffiti, plumbing leaks, environmental hazards and debris.

When is payment required?

Your inspection payment is collected before the inspection. Secure credit card transactions, via PayPal processing, are available by choosing the MAKE PAYMENT tab on the home page. Payment can also be made on site at the time of the inspection with cash, check, money order or credit card.

How long will the Home Inspection take?

A quality inspection should not be rushed by you, other parties, or any real estate agent. A complete and thorough home inspection will typically last 2 hours. Less thorough inspectors will take between 45 minutes and 2 hours. Home Inspections should include a full evaluation of all accessible components of the home and therefore will require a greater amount of time. Those companies who require less time will typically only evaluate a representative number (1 or 2 items) of components and only view attics and crawl spaces form the access hatch rather than entering them as should be done.

Should I be present during the Home Inspection?

Silver State Home Inspections uses an Electronic Supra Key to access lock boxes of secured homes fast and conveniently without you or your Real Estate Agent present. However, I encourage you to attend the last hour for a "hands on" walk through with the inspector. During this walk through I will address all of your concerns and answer any questions you may have about the home.

When do I call in the Home Inspector?

Before signing the contract or purchase agreement, make sure your purchase is contingent upon the findings of a professional home inspection. The clause should specify the time frame of the inspection and terms to which both the buyer and seller are obligated. Contact a home inspector immediately after the contract or purchase agreement has been accepted. Since there are time constraints involved in the purchase agreements, time is on the essence. I offer fast and convenient scheduling and appointments are often available within 24 hours.

When will I receive the Home Inspection report?

Many inspectors offer on-site reporting. I believe this does not provide a better product. In my experience, on-site reporting distracts the inspector from their primary focus inspecting your investment. I review the on-site findings and deliver your full report within 24 to 48 hours.

What if the report reveals problems?

Relax! Most of your home inspection will be maintenance recommendations, and minor imperfections, all of which are nice to know. However, the issues that really matter fall into 4 categories: 1.Major defects, such as structural failure. 2.Things that lead to major defects, such as a small plumbing leak. 3.Normal homeowner maintenance issues. 4.Safety Hazards

Can I have a friend who is a contractor inspect my home?

This is a common mistake many potential new homeowners make when purchasing a home. While the person you are considering may be very skilled, they are not trained or experienced at professional home inspections. Like many specialties, professional home inspection is a unique skill like no other. A well trained inspector can identify the "visual clues" that may indicate a problem, clues that typically look normal to the typical buyer/seller.

What if I have Questions after the Inspection?

If you have questions after the inspection, give me a call or drop me an email, I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Do you Inspect homes outside of Las Vegas?

Yes, I perform home inspections in Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Blue Diamond, Pahrump, Mesquite and surrounding areas. Additional fees will apply to locations outside of the Las Vegas Valley.

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