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Typical main electrical service panel with weather cover plates closed.
The service entrance to the main panel can come from overhead (SE) or underground (USE).Power is on. Typical interior lighting fixture, canister lighting. Typical electrical junction box for multiple switches or receptacles. USE or underground service entrance and UFER ground before concrete is poured. Main electric service panel without meter or power before concrete pour. Main electrical panel back showing branch wiring. Shows underground service entrance connection and UFER grounding rod of rebar “normally 20 foot # 4 rebar” after concrete pour. Branch wiring is secured and insulated around where it penetrates a fire wall from garage. Branch wiring is exposed below insulation and color coded for ease in identification. Rough electrical distribution wiring “romex” as it travels to and through an electrical junction box. Electrical panel with cover open showing electrical breakers from inside the garage. Soil treatment tag; necessary treatment and inspection before concrete can be poured. Ceiling fixture electrical box after drywall instillation. image editing javascript ajax by v5.4